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The Pharaoh was another renegade Time Lord who, a lot like The Master, ran from Gallifrey when the last great time war began. He ran to planet Earth and told people he was god and they all followed him, which created the great Egyptian pharaoh's of Egypt.


When a Dalek fleet escaping a losing battle engaged an emergency temporal shift, they fell far through time to planet Earth where the Pharaoh was. He used a dark power he gained from a creature who could turn living creatures to stone, he reversed it and turned nonliving stone that never lived into living creatures.

He created an army of stone time creatures to attack the small Dalek forces, which lost causing small Dalek losses and total time creature loses until he was backed into a large pyramid. Dalek Sec and Dalek They, who were commanding the attack, had him chained up by the people of Egypt and forced him out in front of the people of Egypt. Dalek Sec ordered Dalek They to back away and Sec shot him.