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Roda is best known for having a very untameable and untrusting personality. She is outwardly playful, flirtatious and confident, the kind of person likely to be caught laughing often and playing with a friend. If Roda cares for someone she will defend them with her life, and she has always harboured a want to have children, despite her belief that because of Pythia's Curse she is infertile. However, she is also wild and dangerous, and should definitely not be underestimated for her size, or so-called obsession. Roda has trained extensively to be able to hold, fire and aim a full-sized arrow and knows how to use it, and can hold her own in a fight against up to three other people if she needs to; she is violent, and has a short temper, especially when it comes to protecting those that she cares a lot about. Although Roda is not as barbaric as the Time Lords always made her out to be she is far from a traditional Gallifreyan, and behaves in a manner many Time Lords would consider primitive. Despite all of this she is strong-willed and focused, able to put aside her insecurities and weaknesses in the face of other things. Roda is flirtatious and knows how to use her gender, and although she is heterosexual has little distinction between species or number of partners, trying to, in at least one sense, think for her own happiness.

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Roda and the Eleventh Doctor, the regeneration she was always closest to (art by Erin B)

The biggest downfall of Roda’s character is also her greatest strength. She has an obsessive Robin Hood complex, and will break the law without a moment’s hesitation if she thinks whatever she has broken and entered for will better the poor she will give it to. Although she never breaks a promise willingly, in the case of putting Robin Hood ahead of friends she might do so without realising, despite her will. She tries to stick to the law, knowing the trouble she has gotten into before, but subscribes to a strong ‘what would Robin do?’ idea, and is often reckless. Roda will run into a task with a logical plan, that she has thought out and knows will work, more intelligent than she realises, but won’t stop to think of the implications, often believing that the end justifies the means. However, she is loyal, and not easily swayed, but willing to make deals with the enemies in drastic circumstances. Roda would even sell her life for the success of a many’s aim. Although competitive, she has no love of glory, and can almost be said to be shy, preferring to hide behind ‘the Redjay’.

Despite her confident demeanour, Roda has a tendency to put a shield up around her troubles. Her claustrophobia is an almost constant threat to her lifestyle – put Roda in a room even an inch ‘too short’ and she could cease up, and in one any smaller than that, or dark, or windowless, and Roda will curl up and panic. She doesn’t let anybody, even the Doctor, know how much small spaces scare her nor how much her memories of Gallifrey unnerve her despite her love of the planet, although the Doctor is the only one who knows her well enough to understand. She doesn’t like to accept how well even her friends know her, shielding her thoughts and putting those she cares for ahead of her, often at the loss of her own health or freedom. Roda also hurts herself often enough – through injury or torture – to often not realise when she is hurt, causing her to pass out before she even knows she’s bleeding. Similarly, despite everything and her hardness, there is still a desperate part of Roda that like her Time Tot self is shouting out for attention, affection and for someone to be proud of her, for those things she never had when she was younger.

Visual Style

The Redjay makes a point of looking confident, but in fact has a lot of underlying issues with anxiety, and due to her deliberating claustrophobia and tendency to avoid getting within a person’s space. She stands ‘tall’ and doesn’t let anybody give her any abuse easily, but will take a beating to protect a friend. She stands with her legs slightly apart for bracing, often with one foot facing forward and one a little behind and facing the side, having grown accustomed over the years to holding a bow and arrows correctly. If Roda is feeling unnerved by something or someone, she will rest her arms around her stomach. Roda prefers to fight rather than run and will rarely do the latter unless something has genuinely scared her. Clothing wise, Roda doesn’t wear a lot of accessories, but has taken to wearing a claddagh ring for the last couple of hundred years. It is currently worn on her right (unfavoured) hand with the ring turned inwards, to show that her heart has been captured. Preferably she dresses in a more medieval, men’s garb, but in more modern times Roda prefers to wear casual fitted shirts, jeans, and occasionally shorts. She sleeps in boxers and an oversized t-shirt, and doesn’t wear shoes unless she ultimately has to.

Although she stands tall, Roda’s regenerations from her second onwards have always been incredibly short. She is now on her sixth, and stands at just over five feet and three inches, and as always is remarkably slim, but rounded enough for it to be healthy. Her figure is not due to bad health (although the original weight loss following her first regeneration was) but due to her lifestyle and the active timetable she keeps, as well as a tendency, when busy, to substitute food for coffee. Roda has a relatively flat chest for a woman of her ‘age’, but her only voluptuous body part is her hips. She has stronger wrists from repetition of firing an arrow, but smaller feet, and long legs for her size. Roda’s entire body is peppered with freckles, but her face and back especially. Roda has four strange scars on her body that are uncharacteristic of Time Lords, due to a bad first regeneration. There is one scar on her left shoulder, and three on her lower right torso, one grazing further to the side of her hip. The bullets that caused the wounds are still embedded in her, and tend to cause her heightened exhaustion after adrenaline rushes due to a diluted blood poisoning.

Roda's regenerations, from 1st to 6th: Katie Melua, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Natalia Tena, Amy Adams, Kate Beckinsale, Keira Knightley

In this regeneration her hair is shoulder-length and a sort of red/caramel shade of brown, and has a slight wave to it that is caused by the damp of so much time spent in the United Kingdom. Her eyes are almond-shaped and a slightly blue shade of green, with lighter rings in the middle, and her pupils are often slightly dilated from withheld stress or lack of sleep. She has a ski-jump nose, and when she doesn’t need to blend in with the crowd for whatever reason she wears cobalt blue body paints on her arms (spirals on each shoulder and elbow and a ring around each wrist) and on her face (one eye covered, a line above the other, two dashes on her nose, and triangular curves on either side of her jaw) that are characteristic of the ‘Redjay’ that is wanted by the Shadow Proclamation. Roda has never been willing to deny who she is, but is capable of blending if she dresses down and washes her face, and removes the plethora of red feathers tied and waxed into her hair – this later gesture is one she prefers never to have to do, and would rather hide them somehow.


Roda’s worst habit is panic attacks in the face of small spaces or crowded areas; her claustrophobia is enough for her to abandon all reason, and it often takes a trusted friend or a slap to the face for her to snap out of it. Normally level-headed, she can be an entirely different person undere these circumstances. Roda, however, has a tendency to think of a plan and put it into action before considering all of its implications, most often successful but generally with injury to herself or some kink in the plan. She rarely remembers to take care of herself and is regularly injured or battered, but so long as whoever or whatever she was trying to protect or achieve is safe or complete, she doesn’t mind. Roda has been known to stubbornly refuse medical care or rest until she literally passes out. If nervous, Roda will play with her red feathers, and she feels exceeding uncomfortable without them, possibly hiding behind the persona of the Redjay, and has a habit of covering her torso if she is scared in a defensive manner.

If there is something on Roda’s mind, she will retreat to the workshop in her TARDIS and whittle new arrows, sometimes making small sculptures or frames to remind herself of the way her father used to dabble in woodwork despite his lack of skill when she was younger. She has serious trouble keeping her hands still at the best of times, and prefers to be on the mood, not only claustrophobic but cagey if she has to be still too long. When Roda is content, she also sings in the shower, and when on her own occasionally, and she still behaves like a modern day Robin Hood to the universe on a more than weekly basis despite that it breaks the law in many galaxies – one reason why she likes to be always on the move. Roda refuses to spend any of the money she ‘makes’ on herself, considering it impeaching her honour as a thief/Robin Hood to steal for herself and not for the poor.

Roda is definitely not a morning person, but can stay awake at night long into the early hours of the morning. A brief stint on twenty fifth century Earth when her TARDIS was resting once that forced her to rent a room in an apartment and get a job in a coffee shop gave her an early morning dependence on caffeine, and unless there is no time at all for it, you are not likely to get a sensible action out of her before seven am if she has not drunk a mug of coffee the size of her head. Roda, however, habitually adds a lot of milk and a little sugar to her coffee, and follows it up with a cold shower and usually another mug whenever she is in her TARDIS, to wake her up enough in the morning to get everything done then. She dislikes being too busy to have time to herself and likes to get all her ‘chores’ done in the few hours after she wakes. Of course, Time Lords do not need a lot of sleep, but Roda makes a point of having at least three hours a night so that she can stay on her toes, partly because so much time spent blending in while in the Greenwood has made the action a habit.


When Meyerodeon met Dahle in the Prydonian Academy, he left school and told his best friend that he had met the most beautiful Gallifreyan woman ever born. That same day, he swore to marry her, and when they graduated the Academy, Meyer proposed, and married Dahle a few months later. Half a century later, Dahle and Meyer decided to loom, Pythia's Curse in place, and Rodageitmososa was loomed, a tiny baby girl with her mother’s hair and her father’s eyes. But when Roda was only two years old, Dahle ‘vanished’, something that Meyerodeon never spoke about. When Roda was old enough to understand that she wasn’t coming back, she was old enough to assume that her mother was dead, and clung to her father, desperate to keep his attention so that he wouldn’t abandon her too. She had no memory of her mother, but grew up incredibly close to her father instead, inquisitive, stubborn and wild. She always reminded Meyer of Dahle. But where Dahle had been motivated by a level-headed streak and a perseverance for her family, Roda had nothing to focus her attentions on, intrigued but never captivated by her father’s work in his library. Until the day she turned eight years old, and was inducted into the Prydonian Academy.

The Untempered Schism was known to drive Time Tots mad, or to fear, or to greatness. Roda had never heard stories of the Schism inspiring someone before. She told her father what she had seen, but no one more, fearing that she had been driven mad, and that the effects were yet to hit her. The Schism told her about a figure named Robin Hood, and how different planets, star systems and galaxies had different variations of him. It told her of how he robbed the rich to give to the poor, and how his methods were just and his heart pure, and Rodageitmososa fell in love. What did it matter that they didn’t use currency on Gallifrey, and that there was no apparent need for a Robin Hood figure? Silurians, Draconians, Humans... They all needed something, and they did use a currency. And Roda knew, from that point on, that she knew what she wanted to do with her life when she graduated. Unfortunately, the Time Academy had different ideas, and eventually even Meyer grew weary of Robin Hood and Roda stopped telling him about him too. She took out books about him from the library when and where she could, on the sly, and bit by bit any grade in school started to fall. Although she revelled in Isomorpholgy and Sol Studies, Roda spent so much time in Isolation Study before she graduated that she developed a crippling claustrophobia, and professor had to come up with new punishments.

Through a combination of punishment and occasional hard work, Roda survived and passed enough to not be expelled, but when Meyerodeon was murdered everything went from bad to worse. Left on her own in a now dead House, Roda was taken in by Lord Rassilon himself, the then Earl of Prydon, for a handful of years, her father’s land put into the hands of the Chapter until she was old enough to take them. Roda was only a teenager at the time, and without any family figures started to crave Rassilon’s approval, spending a little bit more time on her studies to impress him. It was likely these few years that secured Roda a pass at all, making up for lost time and time yet to be lost.

The Rassilon of Roda's childhood (as played by Liam Neeson)

Meyer’s murder was never solved and nobody was ever brought to justice, and as Roda matured she moved out of Rassilon’s ‘house’ and into a dormitory in the Academy. There, Roda started to get into fights, her hot temper fired up whenever someone insulted her family or her strange behaviour. Tough, Roda often won these fights, and spent more time in detention. Her ‘relationship’ with Rassilon began to sour, and Professor Castrivax, one of her teachers, seemed to develop a vendetta against her.

Roda’s first TARDIS flight lesson was nothing short of a disaster. Although she had trained studiously, excited at the prospect that with own TARDIS she could leave Gallifrey, Roda managed to crash and almost destroy the TARDIS, due to a collision with another TARDIS which was never brought to light. Roda swore, when the other TARDIS showed up on the monitor of hers, that the Seal of Rassilon had appeared, but when she questioned Rassilon he only shouted and threatened her in return. Without proof, Roda was forbidden to take her test again for a number of years, and was not able to graduate, as such, until a year later than most would. She started to resent Rassilon and distrust him, and Rassilon for his part started to make a habit of pointing out and punishing every single mistake Roda had made or continued to make while waiting to leave. He took each of her faults personally and saw to all disciplinary action himself, taking away her access to her father’s belongings and removing all trace of Robin Hood from the library. Passing her test the second time, she left Gallifrey as quickly as she could, and planned to never look back. Much as she loved Gallifrey more than any other place and perhaps more than Robin Hood, the memories were more than she felt she could stand without eventually snapping.

Roda’s first stop was Sherwood Forest, Sol-3, twelfth century; although she didn’t approach Robin Hood or his Merry Men on that trip it had always been Sir Robin of Locksley, Earth’s Robin Hood, who had interested her the most in her studies of him. After that, she spent some time on her own, visiting places which had interested her in the past either for their relationship with a Robin Hood figure of some sort or to the colour red, investigating a Time Lady who had appeared to her by the same name a few times in her childhood. Roda wanted answers, a hatred of being left in the dark both physically and metaphorically having grown from her Tothood, and was determined to prove that she was an independent Gallifreyan who could take care of and make a name for herself. But the red feather that Roda had once found inside a book on Gallifrey and wore in her ponytail got her into trouble in the fifty first century, when a group of Time Agents arrested her – mistaking her for ‘the Redjay’ – for the theft of an item of jewellery Roda had found in Sherwood Forest. Unable to convince them that she was not who they thought she was, Roda eventually managed to escape with the help of a rogue agent, but was shot four times before she could reach her TARDIS. The knowledge that the agent had had her mother’s name fresh on her mind, Roda passed out, only just managing to beg her TARDIS to take her to friends.

Crash-landing on Gallifrey with the bullets embedded into her back and shoulder by the regenerative energy, Roda’s regeneration was half halted by the shock and trauma of the bullets. Her landing put her TARDIS in repair again, and Roda slipped into unconsciousness, damaging the Patrex Academy in her landing and spending time in a Zero Room, treated with Elixir of Life. A family friend nursed her back to health, but as soon as Roda could walk she was ordered to be removed from the Patrex Academy, and had to move into Galegochaelax’s accommodation. Having succumbed to a post-regenerative depression while in the hospital, Roda refused to eat or to see friends, and for a number of weeks stayed in her room without moving. It wasn’t until Gail’s wife, in a moment of desperation, asked Roda is Locksley would behave the same way that Roda

Robin Hood, as Roda knows him (as played by Jonas Armstrong)

finally moved, promising to return and thanking them for everything they had done before taking her TARDIS and returning to Sherwood Forest again. Realising that her timeline had been crossed somewhere down the line, Roda added more feathers to her hair and took the name of Redjay before going to Nottingham, slowly but surely earning Robin Hood’s trust. It took months, but he agreed to teach her to fire a bow, and take her in as one of his Merry Men. Roda also met Will Scarlet, and struck up a romantic relationship with him, the man who from that point on would always give her a place to stay in the Greenwood and supply her with arrows. Will built her a bow, and Roda was finally accepted when she was able to beat Little John in a duel, retaining the scars from her bad regeneration. Growing close to the forest, Roda only left when the Shadow Proclamation, tipped off about her criminal behaviour pre-regeneration, tracked her down.

Roda appealed to Gallifrey for help, returning home, but was put on trial for seventeen breaches (through her actions) of the Non Interference Policy. Rassilon’s plan had worked, and Roda was exiled, her mind severed from the Matrix and sent on her way. Scared she would bring the Shadow Proclamation back to Sherwood Forest Roda did not return, instead keeping to the vortex and other planets in a bid to knock them off the scent for a number of years, hoping that the Council would keep one last promise made to her that if she handed herself in to their authorities they would remind the Proclamation that their laws did not extend to Gallifrey and vice versa. She didn’t know if they ever did, but in her travels Roda first met the Doctor, on Arkanis Major, in his fourth regeneration. Both of them apprehended for telling ‘fiction’ – neither having known it to be outlawed on the planet – they were forced to work together to escape, and struck up a friendship which would only get stronger over the years despite the Doctor’s belief that Roda could be ‘more like Leela than Leela sometimes’. Roda travelled with the Doctor for a few months before returning to her own TARDIS, and eventually, to Sherwood Forest, visiting on and off and careful not to cross her own timeline with two government groups and the Time Lords willing to arrest her on the slightest error.

Roda regenerated twice more (once by drowning when her respitory bypass did not last long enough, mistaken as a witch, and once by execution in Nottingham for her part with the Merry Men – the latter did not ruin her relationship with them but meant that she could not visit any later than the exact date of her hanging) before she met the Master. For thwarting his ten year dictatorship on Bandraginus Five over the precious ore Oolion, the Master swore to have revenge on Roda, and brutally broke a handful of her ribs before she overpowered him, causing him to flee and saving the planet. The residents of Bandraginus Five took her in as a Zorro-like legend, and Roda for her part made a habit of being there to help the planet whenever it was needed, naming herself its defender unofficially. She met the Master a handful more times, the relationship becoming more and more sour despite occasional moments of physical attraction, and then accidentally crossed her own and Gallifrey’s timeline to be killed by the Tenth Doctor’s Valeyard while attempting to help him, crushed by Big Ben’s collapse in the thirtieth century and regenerating through wounds from her own arrows. the Master came across her while dying, and while he refused to help her on the grounds that it was how things had to be, he did not end her life by hindering her regenerations and did indeed dig her out of the rubble. Roda forgave the Doctor but did not stop fearing him until the Time War. However, due to the Master’s trickery Roda had played a part in a past regeneration of the Doctor’s, making them ‘even’. Roda also spent just over a week in the company of the Rani, who attempted to find her 'breaking point' (telepathically), where she met Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones after the Doctor rescued her.

When the Time War broke out Roda was time-scooped back to Gallifrey like all the renegades, and opted to fight on the front lines in Arcadia, to defend the planet she still adored and the innocent people on it. However, before she left the Visionary learnt that Roda carried the potential for pregnancy, being one of the last living Time Ladies with a direct female blood relative who was born and not loomed and had given birth in the past – her mother, Dahle. A part of Roda’s mind was added once more to the Matrix against her knowledge to protect that potential, and Roda went to Arcadia, fighting under the newly promoted Captain Arcotrax, a literature expert promoted to a much higher rank by the act of surviving where his commanding officers did not. He struck up a friendship with Roda for reminding her of her father, and the two were nigh inseperable until Roda was capture as a prisoner of war by the Daleks, and never saw Arcotrax again. In Dalek company for a number of weeks Roda saw many of her fellow Time Lords tortured and murdered, and was tortured herself, but was ‘spared’ by the Daleks need for prisoners to help in the labour on their Crucible. When Roda finally rebelled against aiding the opposite side she was shot, her right heart going into temporary paralysis, and survived by regeneration. Putting her straight back to work the Daleks let her

Dalek Crucible during the Time War, beside Arcadia

live as the war dragged on and their needs were greater, but with a handful of other prisoners Roda managed to escape the Crucible.

Although she returned to Arcadia to fight further, it was to find the planet fallen, and Arcotrax nowhere to be seen. Believing him dead she mourned only a couple of hours before Rassilon called all Time Lords in battle back to Gallifrey, having returned to his position as Lord President for the duration of the war. It was there that he explained his wish to accelerate their species to beings of consciousness alone, stating that he would not die and neither would their great race. Those that protested were to be made an example of, and Roda – a protestor – was brought to Earth along with Rassilon and the other to who protested so that an eye could be kept on her. Refusing to kneel before Rassilon even under threat of execution, Roda was held back, and pulled back through the vortex by the Doctor and the Master’s actions. However, the Master's attempts to break himself out of the Time Lock sent Gallifrey back a couple of years in the endless cycle, and while escaping the Time Lock Roda fell through a rift in time and space, landing in Cardiff and crossing her own timeline to arrive pre The Year That Never Was. 'Meeting' Captain Jack Harkness earlier than before, Roda was captive on the Valiant alongside the Doctor and Jack, and was tortured by the Master who kept her in an over-sized birdcage for the majority of the year. Not within 'the eye' when the year was reversed, Roda has no memory of The Year That Never Was, at Jack's request for the Doctor not to tell her. Roda returned to Sherwood Forest for a number of months, then returned to Earth when she heard that the Doctor had regenerated.


When the Visionary discovered that Roda would be fertile, she also had a vision predicting the future that Roda might have if she survived the Time War. Roda returned to Earth to find the Doctor, met him, and found that unlike past regenerations her feelings towards him were a lot stronger. Returning to travel with him (and with someone else) for the first time in hundreds of years, Roda's TARDIS was integrated into a piece of jewelery that could be worn around her neck. Roda turned the claddagh ring that she was always wearing into the position that showed her heart was 'captured', and steadily grew closer to the Doctor than she had ever been before, although for years she had called him her best friend. The Doctor, understanding Roda's need for companionship and care in her latest regeneration, agreed to let her travel like a companiopn to him, and built a cyber cat (that she named Epsilon) that mimiced a real cat so that Roda would have something to take care of like the children he knew she had always wanted. Rory Williams and Amy Pond, the Doctor's latest companions, had opted to stay behind on a planet they visited for a couple of years to experience something of a normal life in thier new,

Roda's sixth regeneration beside her five year old persona (art by Cara Johnson)

time-travelling lifestyle, promising to one day return to the Doctor, leaving Roda to travel with him alone. The time that Roda spent with the Doctor was the longest of all her trips with him, and the two grew into a tentative relationship of sorts, affectionate but not pressured by sex or anything similar; just sleeping in the same bed, being there for each other, and eventually both admitting thier feelings. Roda learnt to trust and got over some of her insecurities about Gallifrey, and the Doctor's guilt eased slightly to see another survival of the destruction of Gallifrey, the two bickering like a long-married couple.

It was another two hundred years before Roda regenerated again, returning from a visit to Sherwood Forest while away from the Doctor. However, Roda picked up an SOS signal from Bandragnius Five on the way home, and feeling responsible for the planet piloted her TARDIS there to help the people in need. Breaking into the castle and discovering a group of imprisoned Arcateenians, Roda didn't realise until it was too late that she had been lured into a trap by the Master. Overpowered her in a fight, the Master took Roda back to his newly repaired TARDIS, returning her memories of The Year That Never Was to her in an attempt to traumatize her. When Roda could not be broken that way, the Master used his Laser Screwdriver to revert her to the age of five years old, an age and size that would be easier to break and to control. Collaring her with a device to help him mess with her telepathy, at first the Master punished her often, when Roda refused to do as she was 'told'. When Roda tried to escape, the Master brought her back to her usual age, tortured her, then put her into a regenerative coma and brought her back to the age of a five year old. Pretending that she had only been asleep for one night, the Master used the shock of the torture to convince Roda that she was five years old, and that the Redjay was her mother. Calling her Lucy, he twisted her memories to introduce himself as her father, intending to raise her as his child then return her mind to her one day to show her his control. However, when 'Lucy' refused to help him watch him destroy a planet, aspects of Roda's personality shining through, the Master lost his temper and sold her into slavery in Ancient Rome.

Ten days later, the Master returned for Roda, feeling strangely guilty towards Roda - 'Lucy' had adored him, and his ego and past life before his m

Roda’s future regenerations, from 7th to 13th: Barbara Meier, Tina Fey, Emilie de Ravin, Deborah Ann Woll, Szandra Szilvassy, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lucy Griffiths

adness on Gallifrey made him feel as though he needed her there. Starting to develop some affection towards her, he murdered the wine merchant who he had sold her to and took her back to his TARDIS, behaving like a proper (if over-protective) parent. Roda forgot who she was entirely, until the Doctor managed to track her down, forcing the Master to reverse what he had done and make Roda the correct age again. However, out of spite the Master caused Roda to regenerate from injuries inflicted in bringing her back to the correct age. Needing a long recovery period, Roda went into hiding to avoid the Master, the Doctor prescribing bed rest out of desperation to keep her safer. A few weeks later, and fully healed of her injuries Roda moved back into her own TARDIS, her feelings for the Doctor even stronger and worried that she would lead the Master to him. Returning to her routine before the Time War, Roda kept to herself, only visiting the Doctor occaisonally, and fell back into the role of the Redjay until her eleventh regeneration. Finally tracked down by the Time Agency, Roda was imprisoned in the Stormcage Containment Facility for a crime she was yet to commit. Spending ten years in the prison, Roda managed to escape in the wake of Professor River Song's imprisonment, one of the highest security criminals in the Facility. However Roda's freedom was short-lived, as the Shadow Proclamation caught up with her only a year after she escaped. Roda was given an option - do one job for the Judoon, or be executed.

Little is known about Roda's life between her final death and her job with the Shadow Proclamation, but it is known that somewhere down the line, she discovered that she was free from Pythia's Curse, and gave birth to twin children - Leonardo, and his sister Robin, both Time Tots. Roda finally died for good at the hands of the Master, slowly poisoned so that he could watch her die. The Master let Roda leave, confident that he would cause her slow and painful death, finally content to let her die, and Roda went back to Sherwood Forest; either she would be able to find a cure for her poisoning in a safe environment, or she'd be able to spend the last of her days in the Forest. When Roda learnt that she couldn't heal herself, Roda took her kids (both teenagers by Gallifreyan standards) and returned to the Doctor, asking him to look after them before passing away in his TARDIS. It is unknown what the Doctor did with her body, but Leonardo took over the name of the Redjay, and Robin travelled with the Doctor for a few months before enlisting with Torchwood Three. However, the Visionary made it clear in the records that this reality would only come to pass if certain points in time occured.

Alternative Universes

  • In one universe, Roda's TARDIS was nearly destroyed coming through the rift, and while repairing it she was forced to buy an apartment in Cardiff. Renting it from a one James Tudor, Roda took the name Artemis Osgood and lived under the guise of a history student, attending university in Cardiff under false papers and getting a job in a local café. The problems started when Tudor dropped by to check on his tennant, and turned out to be none other than the Master, lying low after the events of The Year That Never Was. the Master tried to kill Roda, on discovering who Osgood really was, but Roda pointed out a clause in her tennant's agreement where he could not harm her, and to keep up appearances the Master had to behave. Instead, he made every attempt to make her breach contract or agree to move out, so that he could have his revenge. Despite the fierce rivalry, Roda wound up spending time with her landlord and the two fell into a truce of sorts, the Master agreeing not to kill her (but not agreeing to anything else) when Roda listened and gave advice to him on his problems over a drink one night following his divorce with Lucy Saxon.
  • In another, Roda's third regeneration met and fell in love with a Scottish human from the 21st century named Iain Coif. Roda did not want to jeopardize Iain's safety by bringing him into her lifestyle, but when Iain was diagnosed with a terminal illness and Roda discovered that she had fallen pregnant with his child, she invited him to her

    Robin Coif's first regeneration (as played by Joe Jonas)

    TARDIS, taking him across the universe to see as many sights as she could before his death and telling him that she was an alien. Iain never held it against Roda, and Roda promised to take care of thier child when he died. Iain passed away only a few weeks after Robin's birth, and Roda - to keep the child away from the Master and all the dangers of her life - brought him to Iain's sister, whom she had never met, claiming to be a sister of Robin's birth mother, and asked Janet to raise him. Roda was present throughout Robin's entire life, unsure if he would develop any Time Lord traits, present as 'Auntie Roda'. Although Roda had spent years keeping the Master off of Robin's trail, a chance encounter with him led to Roda's hypnotism and mind control, through which the Master was able to hide the memory of thier latest meeting, and force Roda to lead him to Robin's front door. When Robin regenerated at a young age like his mother, Roda asked the Doctor to take him in his TARDIS, the Master having recently tortured his whereabouts out of Roda; she could never prove the early regeneration was his fault but wanted to keep Robin safe. When the Doctor had taken him around the universe, he gave Robin TARDIS coral to grow his own TARDIS, and let Robin leave when he was ready. It took Roda a few months to work up the ability to face her son again.
  • In another, Arcotrax also escaped the Time War, but thinking Roda dead, turned to an alcoholism that had started during the war. Ceasing to function, Arcotrax was not shaken from his reverie until he felt the pull of Roda's TARDIS from his own. Believing someone to have stolen her TARDIS, he furiously took off and landed beside hers, following the signal, and did not recognize Roda when he saw her - he was incredibly drunk, and she had regenerated. When Roda realised how he was she took him into her TARDIS and nursed him back to health, and slowly he began to recognize her, and the two realised thier love for each other - something which had not been able to 'shine' during the Time War. Unofficially marrying, Roda and Arcotrax tried for a child, hoping that Pythia's Curse would be broken by the Time Lock. Mescathin was born first, named after a planet which Roda and Arcotrax had visited in the war where the apples reminded Arcotrax of Roda's eyes, and he saved her life during a Dalek attack. A few years later, thier son got a baby sister, Nova, named for new beginnings. However when Nova was four or five, a strange being who introduced himself only as the Seculum appeared in her room, taking the child and claiming to the distraught Roda that they were 'friends' and he knew when she would die, claiming to be a fantasy figure from old Gallifrey. Thanking Roda for naming the child after him (in his eyes) he vanished into the night. Novum (the Seculum) then took Nova

    Roda and Arcotrax, after Roda's been in a fight (art by Cara Johnson)

    (who he called Rada, also meaning new beginnings) to an alternative universe in which Roda was travelling with the Doctor, and had no children (but did have a cat). Nova immediately took to Roda and her feathered hair, and Novum informed the Doctor of an event that would soon occur that would bring Gallifrey out of the Time Lock but also secure it's downfall.
  • In another, Roda's Chameleon Archs herself following her second-last regeneration, becoming a near-human archaeologist named Professor River Song. Still retaining her Robin Hood tendencies but developing somewhat of a magpie-like personality, Roda/River Song majored in Archaeology and Mythology at Oxford University in the fifty first century, and became a freelance archaeologist, taking jobs where she could get them as well as working for various anti-poverty charities. Hired by the Time Agency for her strange and unexplainable knowledge of time and space, Roda/River Song gained a Vortex Manipulator and put herself to work. However, the Time Agency were made aware that Professor River Song was the renegade Time Lady the Redjay that they had been tracking down for years, when she showed definate knowledge of High Gallifreyan, Time Lord anatomy and TARDIS piloting that she would not have known as a near-human, and stole the fobwatch that Roda/River Song kept on her person containing her true DNA. Manipulating events so that Roda/River would be the cause of the murder of none other than the Doctor, the Time Agency imprisoned her in the Stormcage Containment Facility, not enlightening her on her true identity. Recieving a phone call from Winston Churchhill of great importance, Roda/River escaped from the prison and broke into the 51st century Royal Collection to steal a Van Gogh painting, and then stole a new Vortex Manipulator, before bringing Churchhill's important news to the Doctor. Behaving towards the Doctor in much the same way that she had in her sixth regeneration, after her latest adventure with the Doctor Roda/River stole back her fobwatch, opening it after certain memories were triggered by something the Doctor said. Learning of River Song's importance to the Doctor's survival, Roda made sure that 'River Song' was present at every moment she should have been, before regenerating at The Library and promising to explain it all to the Doctor one day. Just before her final death, Roda did.


  • "Whoever you are... I’m real. Exhausted by... Getting here, but definitely real. Last time I checked... Which was... I’m rambling." - Sixth regeneration, meeting the Doctor's Eleventh regeneration for the first time
  • “You are not my Master.” - Fourth regeneration, meeting the Master for the first time
  • "'He said that I was a failure, just like him. I don’t care what anybody says about me but… Dad! He was not a failure!" - First regeneration, to Rassilon, on a professor bad-mouthing her father
  • Redjay. Sweet Gallifrey, why can’t you get that into your head? I mean it’s shorter, with all due respect I’d say it was easier to remember!” - to Rassilon, post Time Lock, on her dislike of being addressed by her full name
  • San-jose-officer-head-mounted-camera

    51st century Time Agent

    I swear, officer, I have no idea how those got there.”
    - To police just before her first regeneration, about stolen cash tokens
  • "And anyway, if I had really been paying attention, I'd have tried to fly my TARDIS into the Prydonian Academy. To piss you off." - To Rassilon, on crashing into the Patrex Academy grounds post first regeneration
  • “Bugger off, Valeyard. Get to your point or let me die in peace. The latter, if you please.” - Fifth regeneration, to the Valeyard after he stabbed her
  • “Mutter’s Spiral. Earth, or thereabouts, we’re over a rift.” - Describing 21st century Cardiff to a younger Time Lord
  • “A sewing kit? What’re you going to do? Fix all my shirts and make me watch in horror?”- To the Master, while tied to a chair
  • "'And by the way, you missed out that I make a mean cappuccino, and the kinky details of my recent sex life, which I assume is the way you found me in Mutter’s Spiral?” - To the Rani, fifth regeneration, trying to elicit a response
  • “Does the Redjay forfeit?” - To Robin Hood, in a Rani-induced hallucination where she is not recognized by him
  • “Someone in the Castle called me for help. I’m going to break in and rescue them.” - To a pair of children on Bandraginus Five, fourth regeneration
  • “I mean, I’m not a spy, or – or anything. I’m a… A fan?” - Trying to describe her thoughts on Robin Hood to one of the Merry Men, second regeneration
  • “Roda. Gallifreyan. Or Time Lady. Can’t remember which. Time Lady, apparantly. Two hearts." - Describing herself to Martha Jones, after a traumatic experience, fifth regeneration
  • “You didn’t give them a chance, how does that make you any different to the hundreds of Daleks closing in on us while you condemn innocent men, men with one life, men who could have helped us to fight, to the deaths?” - To the Gallifreyan Council, on the execution of Shobogans during the Time War, fifth regeneration
  • "I'm not sure, but if you don't get me out of this quickly I'm pretty sure my ovaries will freeze over, thus rendering this conversation pointless!" - On the subject of fertility and Pythia's Curse, while tied up in an icy bath

Key Life Points

Behind the Scenes

  • Being over three hundred years older than the Doctor, Roda's childhood on Gallifrey was vastly different and pre-dated Rassilon first faking his death
  • Roda has retained her scars throughout her regenerations because her body incorporated them into her DNA in her first regeneration, similar to the nature of 51st century nanogenes; thus, the four bullets that hit Roda are still inside her body, protected by bone
  • The Isolation Study mentioned in Roda's childhood was a method of punishment in the Time Academy that consisted of being cuffed by one ankle to a table and wired up to a machine that delivered minor shocks whenever certain cues were achieved. In Roda's case, thoughts of Robin Hood or any related stories caused shocks, in an attempt to train her to forget about him, however, when Red informed Roda that the machine did not know his alias Locksley she was able to bypass the system
  • The means of Roda's eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh regenerations are still unknown to everybody but her
  • The Master has changed an enemy's age before, during The Year That Never Was
  • Roda was first called the Redjay several years before she adopted the name herself, due to how she would accidentally cross her own timeline in her future
  • In the future that the Visionary saw, Roda is poisoned by aspirin, something that all Time Lords are allergic to