The Renegade Pirate is the third of six Twelfth Doctor novels, following Three Thousand and Eighty Four. It is the first of the novels to feature Isabella Cartwright.

Publisher's summary

"A pirate ship, traveling through the universe?."

The year 6,0000, the distant universe, and the Bloody Anne, a 18th century pirate ship sails the stars. The Doctor, Billy, and Isabella arrive onboard this ship out of time, where Captain James Ironheart and his crew are oblivious that they are out of their time.


  • The Doctor
    • Identifies this part of space as the Andromedes Constellation, the same area of the universe that the Phoenix hails from. ( DW: Phoenixfire)
    • Carries a telescope in his jacket
  • Billy O'Hara
    • Recognizes Ironheart's accent as Irish
    • Helps repel the Sharyth attack on the Bloody Anne
  • Isabella Cartwright
    • Appears in her medical clothing, as this takes place directly after The Frozen Earth
    • Diagnoses the crewman Barrow with gangrene, which she later treats

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