The evil Death Guardian


The Return is a stand-alone 50min episode of Doctor Who and it is written by OGREPOP


A Time Disturbance opens a portal letting through an old enemy of the Doctor's,and threatens the whole of existence.With the energy of the universe slowly seeping away,and as the line between friend and foe begins to blur,can the Doctor and new friends Zoe and Jack really trust the Death Guardian? And can anybody stop the Axons?


Zoe Daniels was laying in her bed when she heard a scream.She sighed and got up.She walked into her brothers - Jack - room,and found him lying in front of a bright glow on the wall.She bit her lip to stop her shouting when big blobby aliens walked through.The two children were joined by Lucie,their older sister."WE ARE THE AXONS.WE ARE THE DEVOURERS.YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.WE WILL DESTROY YOU" One of the aliens held it's hand out and whipped out a tendril at Lucie.She shouted in pain and collapsed into dust.The Axons were suddenly sent back into the glow,by a strange blue box,slowly appearing in the middle of the room...


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