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Four Doctors, Twelve Companios, An Army of Daleks and A Whole Lot of Trouble


(Caption: Midnignt 6754) The Doctor, Amy and Ellie are relaxing on midnight and the doctor gets out of the pool and wants to go to lokolonia to see the lokonians have gotten on since the cybermen invasion so as the doctor takes the tardis key out his pocket and the tardis team vanishes

(Title Seaquence)

(Caption: Powell Estate 2007) The Doctor and Rose are in Mickeys Flat helping him pack for the tardis. Mickey comes in with 3 cups of Tea and they vanish.

(Caption: Raxacoricofallapatorius 2006)

The Doctor, Rose and Jack are walking round raxacollaforpallatorius being guided round by a blathareen and suddenly a slitthen jumps out of nowhere with a water gun full of vineger and sprays at the blathereen and he blows up


  • The Episode was origanilly was going to feature Sarah-Jane and The Brigadier until both Elizabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney passed away in 2011 but then it was comfirmed to then feature Jo Grant and Martha Jones

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