Basic Info

The Screams Of Dearh is an episode Starring Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan's Character is absent in this episode for an unexplained reason, Alex Kingston appears at the end of the episode.


After a series of brutal murders in Leadworth, the Doctor puts on his Sherlock Holmes Hat to solve the deaths. Soon enough, he is reunited with Rory, who reveals that Amy is somewhere, but he never says where. They eventually meet a Mrs. Norris who is new in the village, coincidently, she has been living in the village since the murders began and have all been in the surroundings of her home, the doctor inspects her home, finding that it is just a shell, with not a chair inside. They visit the basement and find thousands of little eggs, the doctor examines them, finding that they are Krillitane Eggs. This makes sense to the doctor as one of the krillitanes who invaded Devry Vale School in 2006, survived, Dearh. The woman returns home to find The Doctor and Rory dead. She laughs and leaves the bodies for her soon to be born children. The Doctor and rory wake from their fake death to find the people who 'died', all alive in a hole, the doctor helps them up and they start smashing the eggs, thousands of baby Krillitanes start flying round the room, Mrs. Norris enters the basement, the krillitanes, shocked by the light and the apppearance of another person kill their mother and soon find their mother is not present, they do not cope with the dehydration, and all die, one of the prisoners reveal themself as River Song, the story ends.

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