"Just give me one day... One day without needing to save the planet." - The Doctor

The Singing Towers
Series: Bluesilver 3
Story number: 3.9
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Christina De Souza
Trevayne West
Enemy: The Storm
Setting: Rivers Road, 51st century
The Singing Towers of Derilium
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Previous Story: TBA
Following Story: Spirits Of Mumbai


Setting the randomizer to 'somewhere in the 5th millennia AD', The Doctor falls into the last place he expected to be, River Songs back garden... or close enough to it anyway. After insisting a trip in the TARDIS, River takes everyone to Singing Towers of Derilium. Is this a chance to finally enjoy a nice evil-free time? The man with the big book has other ideas...