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The Sisters of Raxacoricofallapatorius is one of thirteen episodes in series 6 of doctor who, it stars Paul Kasey as the Blistereen and Nick briggs as the voicemen and Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with Arthur Darvill as The doctor and his companion, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory, It is the 7th story of the series and is the fourth of 5 parts of the 'World' saga.


The high Blistereen court, 2010, 23:09

the Weather is hot after the crash, the Bliss Council are deciding whether or not to give him the key, i would personally, but, who knows.

Connell Jagrave signed out

the planet is in ruins, half the population dead, its all down to the doctor to save raxacoricofallapatorius and its species from Nesreen and the voice men


Matt smith as The doctor

Karen gillan as Amy pond

Arthur darvill as Rory williams

Sean Pertwee as Nesreen (continous)

Paul Kasey (and others) as the blistereemn/connell Jagrave

Nick briggs as the voicemen (voice)

Behind the scenes

there are two saved blistereen named Harold and Barbara, the names of Amy's parents, who are perished, until Amy saves the two Blistereen from perishing does she realises her destiny, to either die for them, save them, or save the world.

The doctor kills the sisters as the murder Jagrave, Jagrave survives the wounds and boards the TARDIS to fight in the Pond War.