Template:Infobox NewTV The Spider's Web is the fourth episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who, set on the planet of Kadralla in the future.


"Kadralla was great, it was brilliant, till you came and ransacked it!" - The Doctor to Zadar

The Doctor rendezvous with Billy, and they return to the TARDIS. En route to 16th century France, the TARDIS malfunctions and lands on the planet of Kadralla, where a once great civilization stood. The Doctor seems familiar with the lost people and their history, and soon discovers a sinister evil lurks on the planet, waiting to ensnare him.


The Spider's Web received mostly positive reviews from critics, with praise going toward the writing and storyline of the episode, likening it to episodes from the older Doctor Who.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
New Times In Old London  • The Sting of the Zygons  • Parenthood  • The Spider's Web  • Heart of Wood  • Devour  • The Eternity Game  • Sands of Kada  • The Mercy of the Daleks  • I' Am The Doctor  • Gods and Men  • A Shadow On The Glass  • Time Lord  • The Remnants of Time

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