Template:Infobox storyThe 5th episode of the series.

Short Plot

... In the invasion the cybermen capture the doctor and tie him up and make him watch them destroy the Earth. It doesn't take long for the doctor to escape but when he does some cybermen start shooting at him. They all miss and then they call in more cybermen. They call Mondasian cybermen, human created cybermen and cybusmen. One of their shots hits the doctor and he falls to the floor. It wasn't a deadly shot it just hurt a lot. As the cybermen continued to invade the Earth they were shooting teleporting missiles everywhere. The doctor used his sonic screwdriver on one and he made it go to Skaro then teleport back here. The TARDIS was back, the doctor knew that the daleks wouldn't have blew it up. The doctor jumped in and went back in time to stop the cybermen coming to Earth. The doctor returned and everything was fine. Exept the missile was still in the TARDIS and it blew up. The doctor was angry because now the TARDIS was really gone.

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