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The Survival of the Daleks is the second episode of the tenth season of Doctor Who, and the first half of a two part story arc involving the Dalek's return in Renaissance Venice. It is also the first time in the TARDIS for Christina.


"Leonardo da Vinci! One of the greatest genius of humanity! And the Daleks are using him to rebuild their race...." - The Doctor

On her first trip in the TARDIS, Christina and the Doctor arrive in Venice, 1500 AD, where Leonardo da Vinci is in his final years, but not is all as it seems. A band of Daleks are also in Venice, and one of mankind's smartest minds is the key to their survival.



The episode was written by Steven Moffatt; who wanted to create a Dalek story set during the Renaissance and featuring Leonardo da Vinci. Julian Glover, who appears as da Vinci, also played an Italian character in the Fourth Doctor serial City of Death as Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth.

The Daleks underwent a redesign for their appearance in season ten, combining the Dalek look that had begun with The Victory of the Daleks with The Remembrance of the Daleks. A new Dalek was designed for this episode too, nickname the "Aerodynamic Dalek", a prototype Dalek shell with part of da Vinci's flying machine attached to it.

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