Template:Infobox story"The Terror of Time" is the first episode in the ninth series of the british science fiction series, Doctor Who, This episode marks the return of Omega, It broadcasted on BBC and BBC America and ABC1 and Space and SLBC and Channel1 Russia on the 20th October 2014 . This episode featured the return of Jenna Louise Coleman after she had a break in Series 8 Part 1. Omega has returned to destroy time travel once and for all so the Doctor has to build a time machine by himself accompinied by the only person who can help him, Oswin


When Omega steals the TARDIS from the Doctor, he has to build a time machine out of a Fiat, and some loose parts to different household items but he has to find a Time core to travel at the speed of light through a wormhole the Doctor eventually builds the time machine to chase Omega and his (The Doctors) TARDIS back to the Moon of Omega the place where Omega has been hiding for the last 41 years after the Doctor defeated him in his 3rd Incarnation


Matt Smith, JR and Caroline Skinner had a long talk on what todo for the opener when finally Matt Smith came up with the idea of bringing back Omega somehow, While JR thought long and hard about the episode and Matts Idea he finally come up with the storybase and starting writing it and 8 weeks later they started filming the episode with Omega who was redesigned and Jenna-Louise Coleman with a new outfit after 9 weeks of filming they finished "The Terror of Time"

Cast & Crew

Matt Smith - The Doctor

Jenna-Louise Coleman - Oswin

Peter Anders - Omega

Nicholas Pegg - Omegas Henchman


Writer - JR

Producer - Alesha Peaul

Director - Alex Tyie

Executive Producer - Caroline Skinner

Head Writer - JR


"The Terror of Time" was broadcast on 20th October 2014 on BBC1 in the United Kingdom, BBC America in the United States and on Space in Canada. And on 27th October 2014 it aired on ABC1 in Australia, Channel1 Russia in Russia and on SLBC in Sri Lanka

The screening of "The Terror of Time" in the UK was on the 12th October 2014 at £59.99 per person and in the US it was on at the TV Festival on the 15th October 2014 at $77.99 to see it

The Terror of Time

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