The Faceless takes the form of Rory
The Third Man
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Story number: 6.11
  • Leadworth, 2010
  • the TARDIS
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: War of the Cybermen
Following Story: Ex Nihilo

The Third Man is the eleventh episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who.


"Amy, it's me... Rory!" - The Faceless

A new arrival in the TARDIS arrives. He's charming, sophisticated and seems to know exactly what to say. After a brief stint with a very annoying alien in Leadworth, they ask 'Jason' to join them. Once he sets foot on the TARDIS, it reacts violently and soon the Doctor, Amy and Rory must find this shape-shifting entity that has hidden itself within the TARDIS, but it could become anything or anyone.



Behind the scenes

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