Steven Moffatt and Neil Gaiman gather some writers to do a series about the Time War, Paul McGann was convinced to come back and films 7 stories which make up this mini series in 2015, it was broadcast in 2016

Number Episode By: Basic Summary Duration
1 The Genesis of Destruction Neil Gaiman & Nicholas Briggs Gallifrey's destruction starts, the Dalek battleships are covering the whole planet, the Doctor is prisoner in The Dalek dome on Kembel.He must escape to help Gallifrey. 95 minutes(Split into two parts)
2 The Dalek Factor Steven Moffatt The Daleks learn of the Doctor's escape and send troops to kill him, and Davros is ressurected yet again. 90 minutes(1 part)
3 The Davros Enigma Ben Aaronovitch Davros is taken hostage by the Time Lords, but while in there, he locks the force field of their planet,how will they escape? 60 minutes (1 part)
4 The Battle of Kasterborous Steven Moffatt The first battle between the Daleks and Time Lords commences 70 minutes (1 part)
5 The Begginng of The End Toby Withouse As the two races recover from the battle, agents are sent to each sides and the end is predicted by a man in a leather jacket 55 minutes (1 part)
6 Prophecy of The Doctor Simon Nye The Valeyard is acquired to assist the Time Lords 60 minutes (1 part)
7 The Time War Steven Moffatt and Neil Gaiman The War is escalated and Galifrey is begging to be destroyed, the Doctor traps the Daleks in Gallifrey and explodes it, then he regenerates. 120 minutes(2x60 minutes episodes)

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