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The Doctor's foolish way of stopping the Cheetah Zombies has it's effects. The Time Lords pull the Doctor to Gallifrey and puts him on the death sentence for meddling with time. However, the Doctor gets rescued by Ace and they fly away.
The Time Lords are furious, and they send the Sleaze Brothers after them. The Doctor has to again get onto his earlier TARDIS, but this time he has to remove the plasters, without being seen. Inside Ace's TARDIS, the Sleaze Brothers raid it looking for the Doctor. Ace tells them he went back to take the plasters away. They pull the TARDIS away and put Ace on the death sentence.
However, just as Ace got the plasters from the later Doctor, earlier for the present one, he takes them away from her to save time.
However, Ace is saved from death by a Time Lord Ace and gets back to the TARDIS. The Doctor talks to Ace and they have to go to Androzani to get the cure. H owever, he finds his tattered Cricket jacket and discovers a small amount of the cure is left inside it.
So, he goes back to the concert and the ravenous Cheetah Zombies eat away at the fabric, and get cured, wondering why they're eating a shirt. Satisfied, they leave, and tells Ace to turn off her music.