Template:Infobox story"The Titanic Mystery" is the second episode of the first series of The New Doctor Adventures. Written by TheNewDoctor, it is set to air on the 8th of September, 2011.


The episode begins with The Doctor and Ed arriving on the Titanic, 1912. They, walking out of the TARDIS, fall overboard. The Doctor sees a giant monster pulling the Titanic along, though Ed does not. To investigate, they go in search of Captain Edward John Smith, but instead meat the wicked Mister Smith. Deciding that Smith is up to no good, the Doctor trails him whilst Ed chases down the Captain. Smith enters his cabin, and the Doctor sees from outside a green light.

Ed, meanwhile, finds the captain. Convincing him to stop the ship and search for the alien beast beneath the ship, Ed climbs down along with a man called Jack and the Captain, but they find no trace of the monster. Jack and Captain Edward challenge the Doctor, who is declared mad by Mister Smith, stating that he was an alien.

The Doctor is imprisoned. Somehow, though, he meets Ed in the TARDIS, and gives him the Sonic Screwdriver, which Ed uses to free the Doctor. The Doctor goes back in time, meeting past Ed to give him the sonic, and then altering the past of Captain Edward John Smith so that he becomes his best (imaginary) friend.

Back aboard the Titanic, Ed finds graffiti saying "mind that iceberg." Ed tells the Captain that it was the Doctor, and Edward suddenly remembers him as his imaginary friend. The two run to the helm, but find Mister Smith there, who transforms into alien Adrogoni. He crashes the Titanic, explaining the iceberg to be his spaceship.

The iceberg cracks, and out comes another Adrogoni. The Doctor's TARDIS arrives, and he takes Adrogoni of the present away, sealing him in an iceberg in 1790, and offers to take Captain Edward in the TARDIS. The Captain instead takes Adrogoni's spaceship, and saves Jack as well as several others, taking them away on starship Titanic.

The New Doctor Adventures: Series One
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