The Trial of the Doctor is the first of six Twelfth Doctor novels. It covers the regeneration of the Twelfth Doctor and its circumstances, and takes place directly before In The Beginning (DW).

Publisher's Summary

"I can't die! Not yet!"

The Doctor has been captured by the High Alliance, a powerful organization of allied planets who hold him accountable for many crimes across the galaxy. Meanwhile a young woman named Anna tries to help the Doctor escape his fate, but even he knows he cannot outrun death...


  • The Doctor/Twelfth Doctor
    • Is wanted by the High Alliance, a group of aliens, for unknown reasons
    • Though he knows his life is drawing to an end, he is still as optimistic as he can be
    • Regards his crimes, whatever they were, as unimportant
  • Anna
    • Is a young woman from a Human colony near to where the Doctor is imprisoned
    • Is intent on helping the Doctor escape
    • Returns in Arthemos (DWN)


  • This novel establishes the circumstances of the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration into his new self, which were left ambiguous in the television series.
  • This is the third time the Doctor has been on trial. He was put on trial during his second incarnation during The War Games, and in the later half of his sixth incarnation in Trial of A Time Lord (DW).


  • The Trial of the Doctor occurs before DW: In The Beginning
  • The character Anna returns in a later novel, DWN: Arthemos

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