The Trickster feeds Choas (SJAMM: Series 1)he uses sarah jane and others to by using there love,friends,parents and more.he comes from limbo and was an eternal exile.the eternals set up there deadly group of shadowy beings known as the pantheon of discord and together went into one form.the trickster also known as the manipulator,the trickster is connected to the black guardian as he is the black guardian.the trickster was the chaos of reality using chaos to come into the universe after being exiled.but he had opposites in the shopkeeper and the captain who were

also eternals representing the white guardian.the trickster would try to come into the universe but the opposites of him would sort him out.the trickster would eventually have a plan to use the doctor to open the time lock on gallifrey for infinite chaos and the trickster could feed off the time war and return into full power and he wiould reveal his true form.shadowy ghosts with no faces like the carrionites.

he would later go to war against the weeping angels or the lonely assasins who were there enemy.the ghosts of the pantheon would then die for ever.

In the unseen episodes of sja series five Russell t Davies said the trickster would have put his essence in sky and manipulate events for the shopkeeper to bring sky to Sarah jane'the trickster would then awake sky smith's trickster half and use her to destroy Sarah Jane,but this never happened because Elizabeth sladen died