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The Two Masters is an episode of Doctor Who featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. It takes place sometime during the fifth series.


A young boy in his teens discovers the masters fobwatch, he doesn't know what the fobwatch is so he opens the fobwatch. Inside the fobwatch he sees the memories of the master and the evil mind of the master. He is possessed by the masters mind and mentally transforms into the sixth incarnation of the master. He believes he is the current incarnation of the master and he remembers all of his memories. He plots to destroy the doctor for everything he has done to him that he didn't like. The Doctor and Amy arrive in 2008 the year the young boy lives in. The real Master returns again. He meets the boy that believes he is the master. The two don't get along very well and argue about who is the real master. The human master even designs his own laser screwdriver. He acts a lot like the master. The real master decides that he will make a device that will make everybody on Earth his minions and evil time lord soldiers. The human master likes this idea and the two team up. The Doctor and Amy figure out the masters evil plan. The Master knows that the doctor and Amy want to stop him. So then the two masters try to kill the doctor and Amy. They have an epic kung fu battle which is usually not seen on Doctor Who. The real master is beat up by the doctor and the human one got beat up by Amy. They won. Then the human master and the real masters evil plans are foiled. The Doctor destroys the device that could turn the human race into evil minions of the master. The masters mind is sucked out of the human masters head and it returns to the fobwatch. The Master is put in an old asylum. The young boy is himself again and doesn't remember being the master anymore.