The arcade monster was the name given to the creature that hid in arcade's(


The arcade monster was a very brutal,violent monster who tryed to kill anyone that played the game that he was hiding in.


His skin was pitch black and his eyes were oval and all yellow,he could extract his talons like a cat.He had ears that sticked out just a bit more than a human's would.He was also bald.


He had the ability to hide in games,and when someone played that game,he jumped out and killed them.He also had the ability to control games,for example he could bring enemys out into the world(dw:the ghosts of pacman).He could also hide in pictures and make himself visible whenever he wants(dw:touch and feel)


If the game,that he is hiding in is turned off then he will dissolve,light will hurt him untill he shrivels up and if he is exposed to omega space electricity,he incinerates.Also too much water will make hm explode.

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