Jennifer Locke


the nightmare people: the final battle was the final part of a 3 part mini-series and the first series of the doctor and hannah series, it features Simon Pegg as The Doctor and Nikki Smith as Hannah Murray, with John Barrowman as Jack Harkness.


The Girl and The Grandmother's feast reaches a whole new level when Hannah is found dying, but can the Doctor save her before it's too late? Meanwhile Jack and his new friend, Simone, encounter the biggest meal of all, and The Grandmother. Simon Pegg as the Nutty Time Traveller.


Simon Pegg as The Doctor

Nikki Smith as Hannah Murray

Chloe Grace Möretz as The Girl

Betty White as The Grandmother

John Barrowman as Jack Harkness

Lea Michele as Simone

behind the scenes

This marks the last appearance of Hannah Murray, as well as this incarnation of the Doctor. Jack possibly returns to Torchwood with Simone following the events of this episode.


The Nightmare people episode one

The nightmare people episode two

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