The three reapers were mysterious supernatural beings who were said to haunt abandoned space stations. They were also said to be vicious ghosts who wandered the universe in search for victims. The three reapers became a scary story to tell in the far future. But many thought that the three reapers weren't real or alleged. The three reapers haunted a space station the doctor and Amy had been to. The doctor and Amy solved the mystery of the three reapers and why they haunted places.


The three reapers used to be time lords. They were three time lords named Zaxborus, Cabborus, and Waxborus. They were the grandchildren of Rassilon. Rassilon had many children and grandchildren. Zaxborus, Cabborus, and Waxborus lived very happy lives on Gallifrey. They were present when the master tried to assassinate the time lord president (in the episode the deadly assassin). They also were there to see the sixth doctors trial (in the serial trial of a time lord). They had even seen the third doctor be exiled to Earth. They had been close friends of the doctor and had met several of his incarnations. Zaxborus, Cabborus, and Waxborus were soldiers in the time war. They had died in several of their incarnations but kept fighting until eventually they were out of regenerations, then they transformed into the three reapers, creepy ghost like beings. The three reapers were the souls of Zaxborus and his brothers. more to be added

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