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This article was written by Bluesilver. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

They Ride On The Wind
Genre: Sci-fi
Antagonist: The Bliss
Shada Tribe
Kerwon Trading Co.
Protagonist: Tenth Doctor
Christina De Souza
Setting: Shantora, Rikaria, 421200
Running Time: 45 minutes
Previous Episode: Deaths Wish
Next Episode: Thor's Hammer


The Bliss has alerted the Kerwon Trading Company to the location of the Shada Tribe, a group of reptilian wind riders. The Doctor and Christina arrive in the middle of a battle that will result in either freedom or enslavement with a certainty of bloodshed and must stop the Earth Crystal from being claimed.


The Doctor - David Tennant
Christina De Souza - Michelle Ryan

Story Notes

  • This episode marks the first appearences of the Kerwon Trading Company, The Shada Tribe, and the jungle planet Rikaria.
  • The episode establishes the long-running story arc of the war between the Rikarian natives and the Trading Company colonists.

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