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Thylliria Johnns (aka Tilly) is the co-pilot of the Omen with Bor Tu and the second human member of the Rippers.



Tilly is probably the only member (other than Dolly) to not use a gun. Instead, she uses dual machetes and her acrobatic fighting skills in combat. Her machetes are fashioned with Duramite (a metal alloy crafted from cores of quasars) which make them virtually indestructible. Her speed allows her to mostly dodge projectiles and dispatch enemies quickly and swiftly while in close proximity.


Tilly is a very slender, tall young woman with long black hair and pale eyes. She normally wears dark purple clothing which is normally too big for her.


Possibly the most optimistic person in the team and the only one who truly believes that the Rippers can return home. While generally positive, she has adapted to surviving on scraps and salvaged resources like her teammates, making her a very formidable fighter and sometimes ruthless when it comes to her combat or if she is angered. Her violent nature is clearly evident in her use of blades as weapons.


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