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"Where did you get this idea that I had a beard?"

Time is the wistful, apathetic ruler and concept of every passing moment and era in existence. He commands every second, every minute of every hour and every day of the year and every century, millenium and shift of the space-time continuum. He is possibly the most powerful of the Eternal Pantheon, commanding the very ability to let his siblings take control of themselves in the universe.


Time's Sigil


Because of Time's omnipresence, omniscience and precognitive abilities, he is a very bored individual. He refrains from seeing the future because he won't get excited if something good happens. As the very aspect of passing moments, nothing bothers him because everything happens because of him. He is fully aware that he could die but has lived long enough to not care less. In fact, after eternities of sentience, Time is not bothered by anything and finds it a chore to do anything. However, if the very laws of time are broken or being tampered with too greatly, Time is known to be determined to stamp out the threat, as he is still eternally bound to keep temporal stability and will viciously punish any that stand in his way.


Time likes to appear as this skeletal blue creature with ragged wings, like some 'undead angel'. His eyes glow white and his lower jaw is missing, but still managing speech. His hands and feet are also three-taloned claws. The only item of clothing he wears is a brown, torn-up scarf.



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