Template:Infobox NewTV Time Lord, not be confused with the race of people, is the thirteenth episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who and is the second part of the three part season final, seeing the Doctor face off against the Talons of Faran, while Billy is stranded on Earth.


"We are the Talons of Faran, and you are our final feast" - The Talons, to the Doctor

As the Talons of Faran close in on the Doctor, Billy is stranded on Earth. Is this the Doctor's final battle, or will he survive another day.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
New Times In Old London  • The Sting of the Zygons  • Parenthood  • The Spider's Web  • Heart of Wood  • Devour  • The Eternity Game  • Sands of Kada  • The Mercy of the Daleks  • I' Am The Doctor  • Gods and Men  • A Shadow On The Glass  • Time Lord  • The Remnants of Time

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