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Events in chronological order

Date Episode Event Series
4.6 billion BCE Treachery of the Daleks Earth's formation 1
Somewhere between 1100s-1500s Treachery of the Daleks Invention of the gun 1
14 April 1912 The Titanic Mystery Crash of the Titanic 1
2011 The Twelve Doctors 1
2 December 2011 The Library of the Dead Returning Ed home and scenes on the Library 1
3 December 2011 The Library of the Dead Scenes on Mars 1
9 December 2011 The Library of the Dead Scenes on New Galactica (Earth). 1
21 December 2012 Episode twelve/Episode thirteen 1
2014 The Planet of Evil Ed is lost on Pluto. 1
2020 The Survivor 1
2029 Like Grandfather, Like Grandson After Ricky joins. 1
2052 Like Grandfather, Like Grandson When Ricky joins. 1
2170 The Survivor After the destruction of the Professor's TARDIS. 1
2714 The Planet of Evil/The Last Day Ever After loosing Ed. 1
42nd century Dimensions On both universes. 1
33000 The Rebel Clocks/The Univere's Oldest Man 1
7 Billion Treachery of the Daleks Scenes on New Skaro and the old Earth.