Torchwood's Curse is the second episode of the Doctor Who Fan Series.Template:Infobox


The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to see Torchwood in 2006, but it is unexpectedly gone. It is found out that it had never existed in the first place. A mysterious new villian is the cause of this dissapearence.... and The Doctor is determined to find out who.


"Look, Torchwood does exist. Something has happened here, and its changing all of history." '- The Doctor

Captian Jack Harkness walks to Torchwood, carring a few files. He opens the door and sees Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, and Owen. Then, he puts the files down and everyone gathers around.

  • Captian Jack: So, first we need to find out what made these scratches.
  • Gwen: Jack.
  • Captian Jack: These marks say its a weevel, but
  • Gwen: Jack
  • Captian Jack: this foorprint says otherwise.
  • Gwen: Jack!
  • Captian Jack: What is it!
  • Gwen: look behind you.

Now the view is through the eyes of some huge beast. Jack turns around.

  • Jack: What the hell!

He starts shooting, and you hear a scream.

^Theme Plays^

It is another normal day in the TARDIS. Amy, Rory, and The Doctor are deciding where to go.

  • The Doctor: Where to today? I've heard the building of Big Ben is amazing!
  • Amy: That reminds me, Rory, Big Ben's repairs from that fake alien ship should be done back home.
  • The Doctor: Fake alien ship? That thing in 2007 was real!
  • Rory: I heard it was a threat from Germany.
  • The Doctor: I was there! That was just a lie created by Torchwood!
  • Amy: Don't tell me Torchwood is real.
  • The Doctor: Let me prove it to you.

The Doctor starts pressing buttons on the TARDIS, and they land. He opens the door. They all walk out.

  • Doctor: Cardiff, 2006. New torchwood should be just be starting out.

He walks over to the Cardiff by water feature.

  • Doctor: This should be the door, right here.

The doctor feels around for the door, but it itsn't there.

  • Amy: I told you it didn't exist. Even YOU can't deny that.

The Doctor walks up to her, angry.

  • Doctor: No, don't you see. Torchwood does exist. I'm telling the truth. There should be a door right here, and now its gone. If this door isn't here...then something happened to Torchwood.

The Doctor scans the sonic screwdriver at the water feature. Then, he looks back at Amy.

  • Doctor: Wait...this isn't the only thing wrong here. There is something else.

The Doctor starts running around and staring at the sky.

  • Something. Something is wrong here.

Then he realises, and looks at Amy.

  • Doctor: Amy. Look around. We are the only two people here.
  • Amy: So.
  • Doctor: So... Where's Rory?

Amy looks around, back in the TARDIS, and back out again.

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