Torchwood: Fallen Heroes Dont Weeep is a sequal to Children of Earth set a year after the attack by the 456.


A year after the 456 attack Jack returns when someone attacks Queen Street arcade with a sample of the alien toxin. What he soon finds though that it is not the 456 but someone else, apparently useing 456 and other alien technolegy on Cardiff has a testing ground. Not only facing his own guilt and mistrust from his old friends Jack will soon come face to face with a monster of his own making that will destroy everything for revenge against the Captain.


  • Jack
  • Gwen
  • Martha
  • Micky
  • Lois
  • Andy
  • Rhys


Episode 1: Seams Like Old Crimes A year after the 456 it seams like history is repeating it self. What is the connection between a secret lab, a chemical attack and a mysterious man in black. Noteworthy events: Jack returns.
Episode 2: Guilt and Ghosts Jack's return has not been easy. His guilt and the past and the mistrust of the team has not made things easy. Whats worse he is seeing the ghost of his lover everwhere he turns. Is it guilt or is somone playing an elabrote mind game with Jack? Noteworthy events: Ianto makes an appearance has a supposed manifestation of Jack's guilt. Gwen makes it clear the team dosent trust Jack anymore.
Episode 3: Songs of a Siren, Scream of a Ghost Somone has broken into the hub and stolen a dangerous weapon. Soon the city is struck with bouts of hostile behaviour and only Jack can shut the device down. He just has to get through a high rise of crazed people and the new menace at the heart of the attack. Noteworthy Events: Someone breaks in to the Hub secure vaults.
Episode 4: Dream of reality Gwen has 12 hours to live! The Tormented soul has placed a Veldume; a parasitic creature on to Gwen that will keep in a dream world while it drains her life force. Has the team race to find a cure Gwen must fight her inner demons and the Veldume's illusions. Noteworthy events: Gwen faces her demons about being team leader has well as her fears and faults.
Episode 5: Legion of the Dammed Torchwood has never been popular with the public but lately things have been terrible. Soon the team finds the whole city has been turnned on them and must find an answer or be destroyed by those they protect. Noteworthy Events: Torchwood is nearly publicly exposed and the team learn the shocking identity of the Tormented Soul

Episode 6: Keep them close

With the identity of the Tormented Soul revealed the team must get over the shock quickly to protect their loved ones from this former friend turnned foe. Noteworthy Events: Gwen's baby is put in harms way
Episode 7: To Catch a Tiger Jack and Gwen prepare a dangerous plan to catch their enemy. Noteworthy Events: The Tormented Soul is captured
Episode 8: Pity a Monster After capturing their former friend and teamate the team is left with two problems. One is this man the genuine article and is so what are they to do with the twisted being. Noteworthy events: Nothing
Episode 9: Mind Games While the team strugles to find a way to deal with their new prisoner they find cracks appearing in their foundations has their foe mentaly undermines their trust in each other. Noteworthy Events: Jack still blames himself for the team's deaths and feels his immortality is a curse.
Episode 10: Worse to come The Rift gose through a unique inversion that only happens every thousand years. The only diffrence is this time something with dark intent comes through. Noteworthy Events: A Rift Inversion and the arrival of the Reavers.
Episode 11: Torn assunder The Reavers are tearing Cardiff apart and the only person who knows how to stop them wants Torchwood dead.
Episode 12: Trust a monster
Episode 13: Hunter's Moon
Episode 14: Hangman
Episode 15: Bad Harvest
Episode 16: Void
Episode 17: Dark Decent
Episode 18: Redemption

Aliens and Enemies

  1. Wevills
  2. Azreal Ice Beasts
  3. Veldume
  4. Reavers
  5. The Tormented Soul


  • Jack will have dreams that give him clues to the identity of the new villain
  • A choice fron the previous season will haunt the team.
  • The new villian is someone who knows a lot of intamit things about Jack.
  • Blood control will be used to turn the city on the team
  • Gwen's life will be threatned

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