"Jack, that thing is a shell, not the man you knew"~ The Doctor

Torchwood Prince of Nightmares is a sequal to Miracle Day and features the Doctor.


Inacting Plan B the families unealsh a deadly weapon that threatens not only Earth but the entire universe. Can the Doctor along with Torchwood stand up to the power of the Three Families and the dreaded Prince of Nightmares.


Three months prior to the Miracle the families steal a coffin and drop it into a bubbleing pit to "prepare". In the present the coffin is removed from the pit and the force within kills the workers by scareing them to death. Watching from a protected room the family heads proclaim "it" is awakening and will need more "food".

In space the Tardis picks up a signal wich confuses and scares the Doctor has the creature that gives off this signal is dead. He tripple checks but the signal is the same and whats worse its coming from Earth. The Doctor has a flashback to the Time-War where we see a planet full of dead Time-Lords and Daleks surronding a monstrous creature obscured in shadows laughing. Comeing out of the flashback the Doctor proclaims that if "it" managed to survive he wont let it kill any more people and heads to Earth.

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