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Opening narration - "Torchwood, outside the government, beyond the pollice. Defending the Earth on behalf of the human race. The 21-st century is where everything changes, and Torchwood will be ready."


Jack Harkness - John Barrowman [1]

Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles

John Hart - James Marsters

Gray - Lachlan Nieboer

Lois Habiba - Cush Jumbo


1. Jack Is Back (Part 1). - It's been 6 months since Jack left Earth, and now he's back. But he's not the only familliar face returning as Gray has escaped from the hub following it's destruction. Now Jack and Gwen need to assemble a new team if they are to stop him.

2. Torchwood Is Ready (Part 2). - Gwen recruits Lois Habiba, while Jack finds that John Hart has came to help. The clock's ticking as Gray once again unleashes chaos across Cardif, but can Jack stop him without loosing his team.

3. Lost In Time. - Now that Gray is a member of the team, Torchwood's attention turns to an alien refugee, but is Nyder as desperate and innocent as he seems.

4. The Jinx. - A group of aliens known as the Jinx arrive in Cardif, to claim Earth as their own, and Torchwood is there to stop them.

5. The Quest.

6. Negative Zone.

7. Bliss and Horror. (Part 1)

8. The Path of Darkness. (Part 2)

9. Another Day, Another Death.

10. Practice.

11. New Recruts

12. Shadow of Hunger (Part 1).

13. The End of the Line (Part 2).