Twelfth Doctor (Tennantfan)
Other names: the Guardian of Infinity,
Actor: Richard Cambridge

The Twelfth Doctor is the twelfth incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. He first appears in the Series Tennantfan 2 finale, Guardian of Infinity



Adventures with Kirra Rider



The twelfth Doctortends to wear a black silk button-up shirt and black jeans. He tends to wear a black suit jacket to keep warm and because "It's kind unique... To me anyway!". He has a habit of accidently wearing sneakers with it but soon realises he should wear black shoes. During his post-regeneration trauma, the Doctor decided towear a red shirt with s green jacket, fluorecent blue trousers and sunglassses. Kirra was quite embarassed to be with him during this period so she hang out in the TARDIS while he saved the world. She is no longer embarassed now he's changed what he wears more stylish clothes.



Keylife events


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