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Twilitheen was the first special in a series of specials of the Twilitheen series it aired on December 25th 2008 the same day the Doctor Who Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor' Aired. It, also like 'the Next Doctor' was a 60 minute special.


Bella Smith Daughter of Luke Smith. Is saved from death by a rather Flatulent young man Edward Culleneen who is actually from Raxacoricofallapatorius they soon fall in love but the Earth is under threat as the Slitheen-Blathereen arrive, a showdown between the Culleneen and the Slitheen-Blathereen takes place at the abandoned Ashen Hill Manor, can Edward save Bella from the evil clutches of Aj, the Master of the Slitheen-Blathereen and stop their Black Hole converter scheme.</div>