Tyranny of the Daleks is the 1nd part of a 3-part episode in series 6 of Doctor Who, featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.


The story starts with the Doctor and Amy flying the TARDIS through space followed by thousands of Dalek Saucers. The Daleks attempt to shoot down the TARDIS with lasers but fail, they then prepare to fire Neutron-Missiles at it. The Doctor tells Amy they are going to try and land on the nearest planet to their location. They dematerialise just as the neutron-missiles explode around them. They rematerialise on a lush jungle world. The Doctor informs Amy they will trace the TARDIS to them quickley and that they have to move.

Davros informs the Dalek Empire that they are goind to attempt a jump back into the Time-Locked Time War to take control of the Daleks and lead the new Daleks to victory in the War, and to also exterminate the rogue Emperor before he turns against Davros. The Supreme informs him that the TARDIS has been located. The Command room of the Dalek base detaches from the rest of the base, flying up and docking with the Dalek command Saucer above the planet. The Saucer them leads the daleks to the TARDIS's location in the hopes of harnessing it's power to travel back into the war. Meanwhile, the Dalek Emperor of the old daleks prepares its own capture of the TARDIS, hoping to harness it's power to make the Daleks invincible.

The Doctor and Amy search through the Jungles, eventually arriving in a large city. They eventually find out that the city is owened by the Mechanoids. The Doctor informs them of the incoming Dalek fleet, to which the Mechanoids mount a defence. The Doctor, Amy and the Mechanoid's Commander enter the inner-sanctum of the city and into a large control room with a large holo-display table in the centre. From there they strategise a defence. The Progenitor Daleks arrive at the planet first and are attacked by the Mechanoids. A large battle ensues. The zealotic Daleks arrive and open fire on both factions. The episode ends with a climatic shot of the battle over the burning Mechanoid city...

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