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This article was written by BlackGear. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

"I'm a businessman at heart. If I see a fault in this reality, it needs a total rethink! And I'm the man to do it!" - Syx

Valmont Syx
The crazed Stygian
Other names: Mr. 6, V6, Val
Actor: Peter Mullan

Valmont Syx was a corrupt Stygian businessman who hired his own personal army to scower the Universe in search of the three oldest and most dangerous relics in the Universe - the Mastemon, Jubizel and Levangra. With these, he hoped to use the powers of the Chaos Paradigm to reshape the universe and become a god. However, the entity within the Paradigm was not so easy to control and effectively destroyed Syx and his minions upon release from his prison.

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