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Vengeance From The Deep is the seventh episode of the tenth season of Doctor Who, and features the revival of the Sea Devils, last seen in Warriors of the Deep in 1984. It is the first part of a two part story arc, culminating in Red Sea.


"These monsters, they're not from space, they're not invading. They're reclaiming the planet, they were here first" - The Doctor

Back on Earth, several people have vanished at sea. They are all connected to the Sea V-2 program, a new scientific program to venture deeper below the ocean than ever before. But what they uncover is something the Doctor has seen before, the ancient masters of the Earth, sleeping for generations....

Season Ten of Doctor Who
The Girl and the Monster  • The Survival of the Daleks  • The New Breed  • Flashlight  • What Ever Happened To Christina?  • The Greatest Game  • The Silence  • Vengeance From The Deep  • Red Sea  • The Day of Remembrance  • In My Time of Dying  • Doom For The Doctor