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Vikings of Egypt was the 11th episode of the Bluesilver Series 6. It foreshadows many of the events in the finale, the entire story focused on the start of the Time Compression. It also continues directly from the end of the previous episode, arguably creating a four-part story.


Pharaoh Lodbrok is confronted with a world of problems when German Soldiers invade Alexandria, and innocent citizens are cruelly slaughtered by strange people in colorful metal boxes. Meanwhile, The Doctor tracks the mysterious disappearance of Kaiser Wilheim II to a tomb in Ancient Egypt.



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Bluesilver Series 6

Dreams  • Nightmares  • Morons  • The Deep End • One Moment  • Supernature  • Natural Selection  • Keeping The Peace  • Most Haunted  • The Late Amelia Pond  • Vikings of Egypt  • Still Alive  • Born Anew

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