The original Cybermen
War of the Cybermen
Writer: Phil Ford
Story number: 6.10
Setting: Greenland, 1974
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: Sphinx's Wrath
Following Story: The Third Man

War of the Cybermen is the tenth episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who. This episode marks the on-screen return of the Mondasian Cybermen, last appearing in Silver Nemesis.


"Cybermen from parallel Earth are inferior. We are the true Cybermen!" - Cyber-Lord

Deep within the glaciers of Greenland, a probe containing a TARDIS-like vortex manipulator has been unearthed. Coincidentally, a ship has been found directly beneath it. Both hold nearly exactly the same thing. The probe houses a stasis chamber of hundreds of Cybermen from before Mondas' destruction. The ship contains hundreds of Cybermen from a parallel universe. Both have been awakened, and once the two variants clash - the winner will get Earth.



Behind the scenes

  • The Mondasian Cybermen have undergone a low-level redesign following their last appearance in Silver Nemesis. The overall shape of the Cybermen appears to have been "slimmed down" since their last appearance offering a more lean and cyborg-like appearance. Their chest plates have undergone a drastic change with a small screen displaying computer generated symbols replacing the covered mechanical raspetory system.
  • The Mondasian Cybermen appear to have a deeper, more menacing voice than their Cybus counterparts. Also of note, their "mouths" do not light up like their parallel universe analogues.
  • The Cybus Cybermen seem to have evolved, their race showing space-faring and basic time travel capabilities in this story.
  • The Mondasian Cybermen featured in this story are hindered, but not killed by the substance of gold in their systems. A Cyberman can however be subdued for several hours if it comes in contact.

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