"You could burn this World to ash but that man is never coming back!" Gwen's last words

When the World Ends is the first episode of the Dark Fate series.


In a dystopian futre two people from the past attempt to escape the clutches of a madman. But in a world lost in the dark how long can they hope to survive.


The episode starts in a flashback where Gwen is about to be exacuted by a robbed man. A man in the background asks one more time for her to "call him" but Gwen says he is never coming back so he might has well kill her. The figure gives a nod and Gwen is electrocuted by a device on her forhead.

The man turns around to reveal he is Grey. Grey mutters has he looks over a war torn city and says "look what you made me do now Jack". He tells one of his followers to recover the bodies has he needs a better source of information.

The episode then switches to the present wich reads "2017" has a hooded figure runs through a high tech building pursued by several Cybers. The Cybers look like a cybernetic cross between a human and a velociraptor and are extreamly visious. They corner the man who turns and faces them with a surgical blade and manages to slice a few of them before they subdue him.

He is brought in to a thone room where Grey sits next to cowering woman who is shackled and bleeding. At the sight of her the hodded figure gets aggitated but Grey threatens he will harm her if the figure tries anything. He notes this is the man's seventh escape attempt and a total now of 57 cybers he has managed to kill. Grey laughs saying he never thought the man could be so ruthless because he was so pathetic the first time they met. He gets up pulling the man's hood off to reveal its Ianto Jones. Grey laments he shouldnt be suprised though considering the nanogenes reacted so badly with the 456 venom.

Ianto dosent say anything but Grey taunts him; saying he knowes very well what he is talking about. "That temper, the bloodlust your no better than the things you hunted with my brother" he dosent respond to this with anything other than silence. Grey mocks if he hit a nerve.

When Ianto dosent say anything Grey orders that the pair br sent back to there cell. Ianto nods at the woman and as soon has the guards have moved away from her he bolts st her has she tosess him a concealed device that unlkocks his manacles.

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