My review of the first Series of Doctor Who. Please don't judge me I just feel like doing it. - Time Guardian 20:18, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Intro: Nu Who

Doctor Who is a British science fction series produced by Russell T Davies and it's first series wasn't exactly the best in my opinion and I'll point out why.

1. The Backstory

It's established that some time between the 1996 TV film and the new series the Doctor got involved in a time war between his race and a race called the Daleks which ended with the total destruction of both sides and the complete extemination of both races except for the Doctor. Now the Doctor is a lonely bitter and slightly unpleasant person who has an incredible need for a companion to point him in the right direction.

2. The Begining

Comming soon...

3. The Story

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4. Endless Villians

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5. Okay seriously who's the main character

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6. Paradox after Paradox

Comming soon...

7. One off Companions, Would be Compations, and Discarded Companions

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8. The Ending, The Regeneration and The Aftermath

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See Next Review

Doctor Who Series 2

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