The Daleks Arrive...

Wrath of The Daleks is the opening episode of Series 7 of 21st Century 'Doctor Who'. It starred Matt Smith as The Doctor for a third season and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy and Rory respectively in their 3rd and final season as regular characters. This episode saw the return of the Daleks, that have not had a key role in an episode of 'Doctor Who' since the 'The Big Bang' in 2010, although a yellow Dalek made a cameo appearance in 2011's 'The Wedding of River Song'. This also marks the first appearance of Davros since 2008's 'Journey's End'. Finally, This is the second time The Doctor has visited UNIT Snowdonia, he was last seen here facing the Shansheeth in 'Death of the Doctor', a special episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures which saw the return of Jo Grant actress, Katy Manning.


In the near future, the Doctor and his friends land in the Snowy Welsh Mountains, they come face-to-Stalk with the Doctor's oldest enemies and their creator, as they plot the end of the World once more, but will they be successful?


Snowdonia, 2017

The Snowy Mountains which house UNIT headquarters have been breached by an unknown force and Captain Llwynwen is frantically trying to find the one person UNIT has relied on everytime they were in need, The Doctor. But since there have been no sightings of his most recent incarnation since early 2015, they look like theres no hope. That's when the breach reaches its final attack. The enemies show themselves and are ready to wipe out anyone who gets in their way. But luckily, by chance, The Doctor pays a visit, but will he be able to stop the evil Daleks and their leader, Davros, in time?


Matt Smith as The Doctor

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Arthur Darvill as Rory Pond-Williams

Rob Brydon as Captain Llwynwen

Julian Bleach as Davros

Nicholas Briggs as The Voice of the Daleks


Alex Jones - Herself (One Show Host)

Matt Baker - Himself (One Show Host)

Cybermen (Archive Footage)

Slitheen (Archive Footage)

David Tennant - The 10th Doctor (One Line)

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