Zack Durden is a core member of the Bluesilver Writing Team, a part of the "Primary Trio". He wrote One Moment, the 5th episode of the Bluesilver Series 6, in addition to the Still Alive and Born Anew, which was co-written with Harriet Schwartz.

Work as Writer

Bluesilver Writing Team

Zack joined the Writing Team in early 2011, a few weeks after he began dating co-founder Matt Gavin, completing the current trio. As a part of the team, Zack is in charge of the organization of the series, which includes formatting episode pages and dealing with the placement of episodes, which requires him to work closely with Harriet Schwatz, who co-ordinates the story arcs.


Zack's episodes often revolve around themes of humanity and emotions defining us as people. As a result, Zack's stories tend to be more character based than event based. Zack's monsters often accentuate the theme of emotions prominent in his scripts, the Griever in One Moment is shown as an embodiment of sorrow, isolation and regret, reflecting on Leonora's motives for achieving the compression of time.

Personal Life

Zack is openly gay, and was in a relationship with Co-founder Matt Gavin. The pair joke about their relationship, once commenting "It's a sham. Zack just wanted to get on the writing team." Zack also identifies as an atheist, and frequents chat rooms for discussion and debate.

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