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Zambarau is a living planet. It looks like a tropical planet with pink water and lavender sand. However, in actuality is a greedy and ravenous organism which has devoured billions of living things over the milennia.

On Zambarau there are two genders, the Planet and the Tourist Manager. The tourist manager finds food for the planet and feeds her. 

The mating habits of the planet Zambarau are "disgusting". [1].


Like most races, Zambaru possessed two genders. The larger gender was the Planet, an enormous living thing made of rock and covered in oceans of digestive fluid. The Planet originally supported a natural ecosystem, but this was eventually depleted.

The second gender was the Tourist Manager, a thin and smartly dressed humanoid which lured prey to its mate. The only known Tourist Manager referred to itself as "Mr. Bachelor."

Although Zambarau is not believed to have reproduced, the mechanics of the process have been identified by the Time Agency. Eventually, the planet would have gathered enough raw material to produce a small planetoid, which would have been ejected into space along with another Tourist Manager.


For thousands of years, Zambarau was considered to be an excellent destination for tourists due to the lovely climate and brightly colored sands and waters. Mr. Bachelor advertised it as a romantic getaway.

The missing people were attributed to young lovers running away with each other.

Although versions of Zambarau are believed to have existed within several universes, the most extensively studied specimen resided in A Limitless Dimension. This Zambarau was destroyed by the Doctor and his companions.