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I do not live in fear. I live in the moment. I do not plan. I think
— Zarcon

Zarcon was a renegade time lord. He was there at the eighth doctors regeneration and a champion at mindbending contests.


Zarcon child

Zarcon as a teenager.

Zarcon had long dark black hair. He would wear a long black robe with a silver glove. He would often carry a Katana.


Zarcons favorite color is black. He used it to blend in on Aggadon where it is mostly dark. He hated Rassilon and would spit on the seal of Rassilon. It is unknown why.

The Lost Days

  • At one point Zarcon left gallifrey for 5,000 years and began living on Agadon.

Other Details

  • House:Lungbarrow
  • Family: The Doctor (cousin), Irving Braxaitel (cousin), Mayall (Brother)


  • "Ah ooh ah" (Zarcon walking on the hot surface of Agadon)
  • " GO AWAY" (Zarcon shouting at H.G wells)
  • "Um no sorry um yeah" (Zarcon not allowing Robin Hood into his TARDIS)
  • "Certainly not VAL-E-YARD" (Zarcon denying he wiped out the Chimeron race)
  • "I always hated you" (Zarcon talking to Rassilon)