Zentriax's true form

"Long ago, amidst the chaotic forces at the beginning of the universe, several entities were created. Some were good, somewere bad,but one rose above the rest and killed them all, Zentriax!" the Doctor to Amy (DW: the Reign of Fire)

Zentriax was created at the beginning of the universe by the creative energy released. He urged to do nothing more take over the universe and re-shape it into a universe of chaos. He is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and is feared by all who know of his might. There are many semi-universal objects, that exist in this universe and the void, that stop him escaping and wreaking havoc. He has no emotions but anger, anger towards the whole of reality for his imprisonment. He is often believed to have created the parallel world in which the Cybus Cybermen came from out of anger.He is a truly terrifying being.



At the dawn of time, creative energy was released creating the first forms of life. One of them was Zentriax. Zentriax was one of the five 'higher beings' created. Many of them, including Zentriax, would later influence many religious gods. Zentriax grew bored of the universe and attempted to re-shape it into a world of chaos. When the other 'higher beings' attampted to stop him, he erased each of them from existence. The resulting paradox sucked him into the Void. Several objects were partially caught as well and became semi-universal objects. These objects keep the paradox at a low-level that keeps it trapped but don't rip the universe apart.

Imprisonment in the Void


Zentriax can bend time and space if certain events cause it to flux, llike the paradox created when he erased the other 'higher beings' from existence the lack of order created a paradox.


  • Zentriax created the universe of the Cybus Cybermen to manipulate the Doctor's timeline so he would accidently release him.
  • Zentriax can control time with enough concentration.