He was the supposed son of Brother Lassar of the Krillatine with the second name of his fathers Human disguise. He planted 2.5 million bombs on the cruise liner Olos. He hid onboard. When the Doctor and Martha came and took his detonator he burst into tears. When the Doctor came to comfort him he revealed it to be a trap and activated the Bombs then transported away. Onboard his ship he witnessed the Doctor disarming them.(DW:Like Finch, Like Son)

He attacked the Doctor again in Krillatine form while he was going up a mountain. Donna threw a spear into his chest. He fell to the ground and reverted to Human form and died while singing a Krillatine lullaby.(DWBIT:Up The Mountain)

A year later Finch was brought back by a medicene woman who he ate. He attemmpted to poison the Doctor but Jack Harkness took his drink so survived. He became Krillatine and attacked but Jack shot him dead.(DWBIT:Pelor Power)

Centuries later Ood Evil ressurected him along with 4 Daleks and Florence Finnegan to kill the Doctor. He attacked the Tardis but was flung into the the Time Vortex.(DWBIT:Evil Brigade)

He survived it and was forever stuck there(DWBIT:Goodbye Mr Melly)

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