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|start="The Mister"|finish=TBA

 | url=
 | title=David Tennant quits as Doctor Who
 | publisher=BBC News
 | date=2008-10-29
 | accessdate=2008-10-29}}<br>{{cite web
 | url=
 | title=David Tennant to leave Doctor Who
 | publisher=BBC Doctor Who website
 | date=2008-10-29
 | accessdate=2008-10-29}}</ref>
|no_stories=34<!--Up to and including "Planet of the Dead"-->
|no_episodes=44<!--Up to and including "Planet of the Dead"-->
|series_list=Series 2 (2006)<br>Series 3 (2007)<br>Series 4 (2008)<br>Specials (2009–2010)<ref name="specialsPR">{{cite press release
 | url =
 | title = Doctor Who: Series five
 | date = 2007-09-03
 | accessdate = 2007-09-03
 | publisher = BBC Press Office}}<br>{{citation
 | url =
 | last=Sherwin
 | first=Adam
 | title = Tennant takes a break from the Tardis
 | date = 2007-09-03
 | accessdate = 2007-09-03
 | newspaper = The Times}}</ref>
|companions=Rose Tyler<br>Mickey Smith<br>Donna Noble<br>Martha Jones<br>Jack Harkness<br>Astrid Peth<br>Sarah Jane Smith<ref>{{cite web
 | url=
 | title=Companion Piece
 | date=2007-08-14
|accessdate=2007-08-15}}</ref><br>Jackson Lake<br>Rosita<br>Lady Christina de Souza<ref>Template:Cite book</ref>
|preceding=Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)|succeeding=Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)}}

All of this information is about the Tenth Doctor and will be changed into the Zeroeth Mister soon! SORRY! Computer's running slow at the moment!

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